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This weekend, DHS, police and the U.S. Army will conduct a “full scale counterterrorism exercise” inside Fenway Park.

“This Sunday, the Boston Police Department, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center and Fenway Park will practice and prepare for an active shooter situation.”

Fenway Park, one of the most well-known stadiums in the world and a national historic landmark is doing its part to keep Americans in fear.

According to the Boston Police, “there will be a large number of role players, responders, and exercise staff in the area. During the exercise, there will also be a test of various security technologies, which may include the use ofworking dogs, metal detection, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS or drones).”

This Sunday, will be a sad day for baseball fans everywhere, as America’s oldest ballpark actively facilitates police militarization.

What you’re not being told, is how DHS uses these ‘exercises’ to train EMS and firefighters for urban warfare.


DHS’s new “First Responder Guide For Improving Survivability In IED or Active Shooter Incidents” describes in great detail how firefighters and EMS personnel are being trained by DHS to work alongside law enforcement.
EMS personnel are carrying concealed weapons, Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests.

“For about a year, the Bethel Township Fire and EMS Department has allowed first responders to carry concealed weapons on emergency calls as a way to protect themselves in an area where having law enforcement respond to calls in a timely manner when needed can be a challenge due to reduced staffing.”

“The idea to let first responders carry weapons was hatched after budget cuts reduced the number of available officers in the response area served by the department, says Bethel Township Fire and EMS Department Chief Jacob King.”

If you have any doubts that this is really happening, please go to the Tactical-EMS website, Tactical Paramedic ‘Way of The Gun’ and Harvard University’s TEMS training presentation.

DHS and the Army are using ballparks to condition the public into accepting the police state.

Earlier this year DHS/Police in Florida gave their counterterrorism drill a code name; “Operation Heat Shield.”

“Operation Heat Shield, is patterned after the Urban Shield drill in California and offers local first responders a series of unique and realistic exercise scenarios designed around events leading to the Major League Baseball 2017 All-Star Game at Marlins Park.”

2014: DHS conducts ‘counterterrorism drill at PNC Park in Pittsburgh

Police are using ‘VACCINE” to spy on baseball fans.

“VACCINE’s social media analytics tool was used by U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Week.”

“The USCG used VACCINE’s Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit (SMART) as a way to monitor and analyze the vast amount of social media data in the Cincinnati area in order to maximize security and minimize potentialthreats to public safety.”

Major League Baseball should be re-named Major League Fear.

Welcome to DHS’s version of  baseball….

Major League Fear is proud to present Law Enforcement vs. The Public. It’s expected to be a lop-sided contest this weekend as armed cops, line citizens up against the Green Monster to be Tasered, pepper sprayed and zip-tied. The police, really do have all their bases covered, using police dogs, drones and surveillance cameras on an obsequious public.

Final score; DHS wins by a landslide, using a balanced measure of intimidation, force and fear.

DHS has cornered the market on fear, they’ve even created an ‘Active Shooter Preparedness‘ (ASP) page.

The ASP page has an ‘active shooter’ workshop, webinar and videos designed to elicit fear.

But it doesn’t stop there, they’ve also created ‘active shooter’ booklets, pamphlets. pocket cards and my favorite an ‘active shooter’ poster for college dorms.

DHS wants to send police to places of worship and schools.

At the bottom of the ASP page, DHS offers to conduct free (police) ‘security assessments’ of houses of worship and schools. DHS even offers free “virtual trainings’ for K-12.

“The REMS TA Center offers a variety of Trainings by Request (TBR) for delivery on-site at your school, school district, or institution of higher education (IHE). For each training, we will provide—free of charge—training materials, as well as one or more expert trainers and TA Center staff support for the event hosted at your site.”

DHS’s agenda is clear, keeping Americans in fear is their number one priority.

America’s motto should be changed from ‘In God We Trust’ to ‘In Fear We Trust.”




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