How can we hope, to have a more unified society, where people consider the perspectives, needs, perceptions, priorities, etc, of others, until/ unless, there is a concerted effort, to reduce our reliance on, using labels?

Expressions, such as Far Right, Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, and Moderate, rather than merely indicating someone’s political choice or focus, have often been used to chastise and label things we don’t agree with.

America should represent all our citizens, and, wouldn’t we all be better served if we would follow the concept of having the right to one’s perspectives and opinions, as well as being willing to disagree, while maintaining a genuine focus which emphasizes defending everyone’s right to their opinion, and perspective?

This article, will, therefore, attempt to briefly, identify, consider, and discuss, some of these, so – called, labels, and the difference between what various people believe, it means, and represents.

The label, Neo – Con, which literally, would mean, new conservative, often,means those on, what, many refer to as the Far. How can those, who claim this label, vote for things, which have extreme economic potential ramifications?

Traditionally, conservatives were for careful spending and budgeting, but that seems to be less so, today. Now, it’s often more a case of political expediency! One might possess, a so – called conservative economic philosophy, combined with a more progressive, social agenda, and/ or, vice versa.

Is the commitment to social fairness and equal rights, etc, a conservative or liberal concept? Why does it often appear that these labels are simply used for political, rather than social or relevant value?

Why do conservatives seem to use the term, liberal, as some sort of negative statement, and liberals behave the same way towards those who disagree with them?

With the election of Donald Trump, as President of the United States, everything seems to have changed, and the level of vitriol, and polarization has escalated dramatically! Who is really served, when one segment of American society gets pitted against another?

Forget the labels, and consider, the best way to proceed forward, with sane policies, which focus on helping all, in a fair and balance way!
Wake up America and demand better from those you elect, to serve and represent you!


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