What the hell has happened to our United States?

We are quickly getting to a point where political correctness is fast becoming our nationwide religion.

Of course the majority of people would never consider calling it a “religion”, however for a vast majority of Americans, this un-written set of rules already shapes everything they think, do and even say.

A lot of folks have been hoping that this spell of political correctness might be conked out by the appointment of President Donald Trump, but that quite obviously has not happened. The forces associated with political correctness still to date have a major stranglehold within our education system and on all facets of entertainment, including our legal system and not to mention most of our politicians in all political parties.

The un-written rules associated with political correctness tend to be shifting a somewhat and varying all the time, if you and I don’t keep-up with them, the penalty can and WILL be extremely harsh.

If you or anyone does or “says the wrong thing at the wrong time”, you might lose your friends, you could even lose your job and might potentially lose your well earned reputation.

As a matter of fact, there have been masses of people over the past y10 or so years that have been openly crucified within the court of public-opinion for doing or even saying something that wasn’t politically-correct.

And with each passing day the forces pushing the political correctness take a little bit more and more ground.


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