So, what do Polls have to say about this Presidential Elections you ask? 

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US residents will get to vote and decide their president on November 8th! This is undeniably the next big day for the country. According to BBC’s poll tracker, Hillary Clinton has 49% chances of becoming the next President and Donald Trump has 40% chances. Opinions are likely to change in the coming days with the 2nd presidential debate!

So, how important are these public polls? The mood of the nation is very unstable at this time. It is very difficult to check how 300 million people are reacting and feeling about the national elections. But yes, this doesn’t prevent pollsters from going forward and making their choice.

The Polls

The national polls are conducted on a very small sample of public opinion. In most cases, the sample size ranges between 750 and 1000 people. The small sample size may or may not help in getting better opinions and tracking movements accurately. Generally, the US elections are won/lost in swing regions/states. The final results are decided using an Electoral College system. As a result, states that act like cat on the wall can influence the final projects greatly. After all, you never know who and why they would vote for. Important states that are likely to swing the vote for the candidates are Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

Real Clear Politics

Thirteen states are identified as the battlegrounds for the current US presidential election. You can collect details about their votes from Real Clear Politics. If these states are taken into consideration, Hilary Clinton is a clear winner. On the other hand, Donald Trump has to work hard and impress people in regions like Ohio and Florida for a victory. The run between Donald and Clinton is very close. They rule differently in various parts of the country. Indeed, there is a very thin line between the two – and, no one can tell who it will favor on the final day!


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