Pope Francis makes a statement to the journalists on board the plane during the flight back to Italy after his apostolic visit to South America, on January 22, 2018. Marksman Worthington _ Conspiracy Talk News

ROME (Conspiracy Talk News) – Pope Francis stated Friday that the increase “in many countries” of requests for euthanasia with a concept of life that values ​​their “effectiveness” and “productivity”, and not their “dignity”.

According to the pontiff, secularisation “has caused in many countries an increase in requests for euthanasia as an ideological affirmation of man’s will to power over life”.

Jorge Bergoglio referred to this matter at a Vatican audience to the participants in the plenary session of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who addressed the issue of euthanasia at their meeting.

The Pope considered that this process of secularisation in relation to euthanasia has “also led to consider the voluntary interruption of human existence as a choice of ‘civilisation.'”

“It is clear that where life is not worth for its dignity, but for its efficiency and productivity, all that becomes possible. In this scenario we must insist that human life, from conception to its natural end, has a dignity that makes it intangible, “the Pope added.

The pontiff was already stipulated last November on the issue of euthanasia by stating that “it is always illegal”, although he admitted that “it is morally permissible to renounce the application of therapeutic means or suspend them” when they are ethically disproportionate.


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