Encryprion Bill


Those in power are simply liars.


Why we elect such people is beyond me. We simply cannot afford career politicians because they will ALWAYS divide between themselves and the people. NO REPUBLIC has ever resisted converting into an oligarchy. It just does not work. I reported that Obama slipped and actually said the truth by mistake. In the case against Apple, he said if they government could not break into a phone then EVERY American had a Swiss Bank Account in their phone. This is not about terrorism. It is the hunt for money and their mismanagement of the economy.


Here is the proposed bill to outlaw encryption (encryption-bill-discussion-draft). While this is still in draft version, it demonstrates that it is them against us. Passage of this bill will DESTROY the world economy because of their greed. Outlawing encryption will end the ability to pay online. Whatever the government can gain access to, so will hackers.






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