President Barack Obama left the Oval Hall, a symbol of power in the United States, as part of the transfer of command to his successor Donald Trump, who will be sworn in today.

Obama was seen entering the Oval Hall carrying a letter he left on the famous desk used by several US presidents since the nineteenth century.

It is a tradition that the presidents leave their successors a personal note in the famous hall. After leaving the letter on the desk of the Oval Office, Obama retired to the private section of the White House and barely gestured in the direction of the press.

Meanwhile, President-elect Donald Trump attended with his wife Melania a religious service at St. John’s Episcopal Church, a hundred yards from the White House.

Obama will soon receive Trump at the White House and both will share tea together with their wives.

Then, the outgoing president and the president-elect will go together in a limousine to the Capitol, where the formal investiture ceremony will take place.


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