The Chinese President

The Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend WEF in Davos and will be taking center stage at the final gathering of the globalist from all around the world. Jinping hopes that he would make his country the middle of the global attention.

Xi will present himself before some elite business and political leaders all around the world at the World Economic Forum, next Tuesday.

As a leader of world’s second-largest economy, Jinping will embrace the opportunity at the event to be held in Davos so as to show that the international community requires paying attention to China’s interests.

Richard Attias, The name known for producing the World Economic Forum in Davos since 15 years said in a statement that:

More than ever, China has to raise a voice, when we know President-elect Trump is challenging, criticizing China,” “When you are tested you need to react, and I think what President Xi is doing is right.

At Davos, the Chinese “will talk to the businesses coming to explain to them, despite all the promises of President-elect Trump, [that] China will still be an attractive place to invest and include in your strategies,” – He added

Last January, China commenced in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to serve as a financing alternative to the U.S- led World Bank.

Jinping’s general approach is personified in his signature phrase, “Chinese Dream.”

Unfortunately, that idea contemplates the state-dominated society, along with a state-dominated society that could be an easy job to go for- with the notions of an open economy.


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