Zimbabwe Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa showing the universal thumbs up sign. CONSPIRACY TALK NEWS/Joseph Backster/File Photo

HARARE (Conspiracy Talk News) – Zimbabwe’s governing party actually terminated President Robert Mugabe as head of the country Sunday early morning hours and gave this 93-year-old under 24 hrs to give up power or deal with impeachment. An effort to push a new peaceful conclusion to his thirty-seven years of holding political power following a de facto coup.

Mugabe, really the only innovator Zimbabwe has ever known since their independence from Great Britain back in 1980, ended up being substituted or replaced with Emmerson Mnangagwa, the person he actually sacked several weeks ago, a senior administrative official said in a media meeting.

In scenes impossible only a few days ago, this news appeared to be headed by load cheers with the 200 ZANU-PF reps crammed in to the party’s Harare head office to shut down President Mugabe’s rule, in whose support crumbled since the military grabbed power.

Mugabe’s 52-year-old spouse Grace, that had harbored aspirations of soon taking over for her husband, have also been removed from the ruling party, with at least 3 ministers that had established or have been the anchor of the woman’s ‘G40’ governmental faction.

Conversing prior to the meeting, war veteran Chris Mutsvangwa mentioned Mugabe seemed to be quickly running out of time and energy to make a new deal for his departure and really should leave this country in one piece while he still could.

“He’s attempting to bargain for any dignified departure,” he was quoted saying.


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