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During his stay in Mar-a-Lago, the luxurious property in Palm Beach that President Donald Trump, fills it with imported foreign workers while removing compassionate immigrants from the country who work hard and respect the law, the president referred briefly to the insult – “Shithole Countries” – that has already spread around the world in many languages.

I’m not a racist,” Trump told reporters, mimicking Richard Nixon it seems, from the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

He added: “I am the least racist person you have interviewed.”

If we recall the classic Nixonian phrase “I am not a crook” the second is typical of Trump in a euphoric state of self-deception, in which he emphatically repeats a lie until he believes it, and tries to make the others create it too.

Trump reminds me of a serial cheater I knew of, who boasted that he could get away with it every time his wife found out because he had a very effective strategy: “No matter what it is, you deny it.”

Hurricane Trump is like that, let there be no doubt about it.

The president of the United States is racist, and a chronic liar too.

No other president has perfected the art of lying more effectively than Trump, who has managed, in an unprecedented year in office, to normalise lying from the Oval Office with the support of a cast that includes professional distorter s and other racists in charge of drafting policies.

In Trump’s world, so many lies are told that journalists spend their time jut keeping accounts, and Americans too.

Thus, the newspaper The Washington Post installed a follower of lies tracker. 

The most recent figures: in 355 days, Trump made 2,001 false or misleading allegations, that’s 5.6 daily lies.

That self-assessment last week from Palm Beach County – during one of his many vacations (he has already spent more time playing golf than the predecessors he criticised so much in eight years) – is another revered deception.

The definition of racist in the dictionary is “a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that one particular race is superior to another.

Trump has other shortcomings that place him among the worst presidents in history and is the cause of endless debates. But Trump has an undeniable and long history of openly treating people of different colors differently.

Trump launched his presidential campaign with a speech in which he called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. 

His mandate is characterised by the same message of hatred and fear of others, despite all the olive branches that have been offered to him already, waiting for that moment in which he behaves as befits a president.

What Trump said at a bipartisan meeting on immigration policy on January 11th, that Haitians, Salvadorans and Africans, who are black or coloured, come from ” shit-hole countries” – and that the United States should instead look for immigrants from countries like Norway, predominantly white – is the exact definition of a racist.

With his words, Trump has turned this into something common what was once scandalous and egregious, what former extremists used to say behind closed doors.

His tribal supporters repeat Trumps insults with pride. 

President Donald Trump, accompanied by Majority Leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, Republican for California, speaks to reporters upon arriving at a dinner at the Trump International Gulf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, on January 14, 2018. Andrew Hankie – Conspiracy Talk News

The Republicans who defend him amplify the lie with calibrated denials, silence and superfluous debates about whether he said “countries of shit” or something similar with the same vulgarity. As if using the word “shit” to describe people of color was not what mattered, because it is not only a horrible racial insult, but a factor that defines the president’s immigration policy.

The way a president talks about issues of race and ethnicity matters and counts.

That shapes the policies it implements: the elimination of the DACA program, the ban on Muslim travel and the end of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians and Central Americans.

That’s why he did not think twice to leave the TPS to the Haitians and Salvadorans, despite the fact that they can not return safely to countries that meet US and international standards for TPS.

That is why your Department of Homeland Security can deport without a shred of remorse, Mexican people who have been living in this country for decades, who are husbands and fathers of American citizens, and have no criminal record. 

What do you gain by that? Nothing, except to overwhelm families with pain and bring losses to places like Indiana and Michigan, where two of the victims of unjust deportation were described as contributing to their communities.

With his lies, Trump set the tone, poisoning the Americans (both the anti-immigrant Republicans willing to follow him as they are, as well as the uninformed and the fearful), telling them that these deportees were “bad men”.

With his lies, President Trump has turned deceit and racism into White House politics.

His negative Nixon style of open intolerance while enjoying the Florida sun is just another number for the follower of lies.


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