This Type of Oil rig might be used just off the coast of California for Oil. Environmentalists a re sounding the alarms of potential dangers. Henry Bandwidth - World Breaking News

CALIFORNIA (World Breaking News) – The Administration of Donald Trump announced a plan to expand, in federal waters, the areas designated for the exploitation of gas and oil in California and other states of the country such as Georgia and Maine.

This, according to sources would eliminate previous policies established by democratic and republican administrations in order to avoid spills.

Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, said that this five-year plan would offer 90% of the reserves located offshore for lease, including areas of the Golden State.

These areas, according to the Los Angeles Times, have been off limits for drilling since the time of the administration of Ronald Reagan – the US president between 1981 and 1989.

Zinke added that the development of a responsible program to obtain offshore energy resources would create new jobs and give security to the economy while billions of dollars would be obtained in coastal conservation funds throughout the country.

Of course, the happiest were the interested industrial groups.

This proposal comes after President Trump issued an executive order last April, where he encouraged the granting of permits to execute drilling in federal waters, as part of his strategy to achieve “energy dominance” in the world market.

It also comes seven days after its administration -according to ABC7- announced changes to the rules on sub-sea drilling for gas and oil, which were imposed after the explosion of an oil rig in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.

The tragedy BP’s Deep-water Horizon resulted in the death of 11 workers and a spill of almost five million barrels of oil in the sea; in addition to almost $ 40,000 million in fines and cleaning for the company, according to Politician.


A coalition of 60 groups fighting for the environment has already risen to denounce this plan.

Environmental sources say, it would cause “severe and unacceptable damage to the oceans, marine life and public health of the country.”



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