AT&T logo shown on a building in downtown LA, California October 20th, 2015. CONSPIRACY TALK NEWS/Trevor Pollack/File Photo

(Conspiracy Talk News) – Donald Trump today was standing by his critique regarding pay Television and wireless corporation AT&T’s deal to acquire movie and television maker Time Warner Incorporated, that the Justice Office sued to prevent.

“I‘m certainly not getting involved with litigation, however personally I have always believed that this was a business deal that’s a bad for the country,” Trump explained on the lawn from the White House as he was getting ready to leave for Florida. “I believe the current pricing evaluations are likely to increase, I don’t feel it’s a great deal for our country.”

This case may well be more closely observed compared to other corporate mergers due to the fact that Mr. Trump is a huge critic of Time-Warner’s CNN, he as well has opposed AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner this past year, pointing out that this type of merger  will concentrate an excessive amount of power within AT&T’s hands. Right up until this Tuesday, President Trump has not repeated this criticism.

The United States Dept. of Justice Mon took AT&T to court, stating that they would likely make use of Time Warner’s content to push competing pay-TV businesses to pay “huge amounts of money each year to get Time Warner’s systems.”

The Justice Office pressed back any kind of accusations, that this filling of a lawsuit was due to “political considerations.”

“This is actually a law enforcement choice, not just a governmental one. The DOJ has arrived at the back-end of a year-long examination by way of a substantial, competent team of specialist, legal professionals as well as economic experts,” the Justice Department representative explained within an e-mail. “The office insisted that this merging is against the law within the antitrust laws and regulations mainly because it will harm competitors.”

AT&T has promised to guard and fight the $85.4 billion dollars merger deal in the courtroom.


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