Is President Trump Good for America and the World ? Photo by Google Images - Labeled for reuse.

All indications point to the positive side, let me explain why President Trump is Good for everyone.

After Barack Obama, Trump assumed office on January 20th, 2017. Some people say he is not a good president, others say he is doing his best and a great job.

During the first few months of his assuming the office, many protests took place in many states of the US, and based on these protests, many people believe that President Trump is not a good president.

Let’s find out the truth.

If we look at what he has done so far, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Trump is the only leader who has divided the country based on opposing ideas, beliefs and opinions, not in a wrong way, though, bare with me here.

Across the United States, now, there are many groups, one group hates him and everything he says or does.

And there are other people who think otherwise. They kind of worship him and see him as their savoir. So, now, you can see a lot of platforms popping up, where haters get together to say bad things about him.

Making a decision based on what is happening on these forums is not a good idea.

Here, it’s interesting to know that Donald Trump is not like other presidents of the US. And he got elected when circumstances were not usual.

According to some people, Obama’s era was the golden age of the United States. It’s the circumstances that paved the way for Trump, otherwise anyone could have won against him some say Is this a truth?

As soon as President Trump assumed the office, the whole media starting criticising him based on his Tweets, and the masses would follow suit.

Actually, most of the stuff he says on Twitter is nothing but crap that shouldn’t be taken so seriously, It’s the actions of the president that matter, and that should be taken seriously.

The sad fact is that the media is trying to play him like a fiddle without showing any sense of wisdom. While it’s true that the former presidents have not spread a lot of mind numbing statements on the Internet, but that is what has brought him into the office. This is also a fact and we should accept that people support him.

If you have been searching his Tweets for some facts, you need to change your approach. That’s not the right place to look for factual information.

What you may want to do is evaluate his actions and not his words on Twitter.

If you look at some statistics on the web, you will know that he is doing pretty well for the United States as well as the whole world, and he has approval from the majority of people.

In other words, people still support his policies and want to keep him going.

So, we can say that the actions taken by President Trump, are in favor of the US and the whole world.

If he had not been doing good, he would not have gotten approval.

In the end, it’s only time that will tell if he is good or bad overall. So far, he is doing a great job of running the state. The US is in good hands.


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