Donald Trump is getting off on the wrong foot these days, as he sticks that big foot in his mouth again and again.

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When it comes to presidential campaigns, Donald Trump has gone through a very bad week. This is one of his worst presidential weeks! From a bad tape revealed from 2005 to many insulting statements about women, Donald Trump has a lot of cleaning to do. These events have caused many senior politicians and republicans like John McCain to withdraw their support. Another person who withdrew his support would be Paul Ryan. He said that he would focus on Congress elections for the next few weeks. With only few weeks of campaign left – these are very bad signs for Donald Trump.

Unmanageable Thoughts

An interesting political disclosure from Donald Trump would be his idea to ban Muslims from the country. Likewise, he found a Mexican Federal Judge unfit to handle one of his cases. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone would say that the presidential elections are not suitable for kids to watch. Likewise, Trump’s idea to build a huge wall between US and Mexico are extremely shocking. These are few instances where Donald Trump’s thoughts and ideas have gone completely unmanageable.

A Powerful Nation

His way of handling and doing politics is definitely not new! Donald Trump has brought to mainstream a simple strain of pessimism and profit oriented bigotry that revolved around one of the world’s most powerful nations. With this being said, the fault is not with Trump’s policies or views. Instead, there is something wrong with the entire system. This fault has to be identified and resolved to fix America’s biggest problems.

Healthy politics in USA is nothing like gang affairs or warfare. It requires lots of compromising and principles. This is something the current presidential election doesn’t breed! The end results of this presidential election are yet to be seen and experienced.


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