Welcome to Realty TV starring none other then President Elect Donald Trump.  Seems all that talk prior to securing the oval office, Trump insisted that the “Trump Empire would be run by his children” and that he would be focusing his full attention to “Making America Great again”.

But who would have thought that he would end up the very 1st President of a Realty Television show, or as some are calling it “We have our first Reality TV president”.

We just learned that he will continue running the NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV Show, and being the super hero that he is (A legend in his own mind), he will at the same time run the US Oval office and all National Government issues.

This had been (first reported on Variety) This should in no way surprise anyone as the true colors of this man become evident even before he takes office as official President of the United States of America.

This looks like a brand new era for politics emerging. I recall President Obama taking the heat for utilizing the media to engage with millions of Americans from the press room of the White House, but Trump, today has broken the mold and became literally the media.

Donald Trump responded when asked if he had a roll or stake in that Television show and he said “Yeah I do. A big interest,” he said. “I own the show with Mark Burnett.”

Get ready for the change as the Trump TV Realty show takes over the White House.

You wanted Change people, so when you elected Trump as your President, your going to get it. We welcome you to the very first Presidential Realty TV Show starring “President Donald Trump”.


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