Prince Charles Bio Exposes His True Colors Google image labeled for public reuse

An unapproved biography for the Royal prince, Charles of England, has recently revealed overindulgence of the oldest child by Queen Elizabeth the Second, in addition to the substandard connection with the Duchess of Cornwall just before she got married to her son.

The book, titled “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion & Rebellion of Prince Charles”, has actually been composed by reporter Tom Bower and should be going on sale in the future, however the English magazine “Daily Mail” released a few passages before it does.

Within these pages, Bower runs through numerous over indulgences as well as extremes from the beneficiary to the English crown, amongst these, are when he travelled to pay a visit to a buddies’ house, accompanied with a moving truck. Yes, a “MOVING TRUCK”.

” The truck contained the rooms of Charles and his wife Camila, including the prince’s orthopedic bed, his own bedding, a small radio, toilet seat, rolls of Kleenex, Premium Comfort toilet paper, Laphroaig whiskey and bottled water, as well as two paintings from the Scottish Highlands, “pointed out the journalist.

The bio creates a picture about Prince Charles, 69, as a “maniac” plus and “envious” individual, in addition to “a fan of luxury“.

According to Bower, the prince does not actually keep a friendly association with his oldest child, the Duke of Cambridge, the relationship was damaged by the appearance of Kate Middleton, Charles strongly believing “the public would ignore him and Camila” in favor for the brand-new pair, that were wed on April 29th, 2011.

Furthermore, the author verifies the Royal Prince, Charles, believes that “Diana of Wales poisoned the minds of his children “, which “they had to deal with a continuous avalanche of public revelations on the adulterous relations of their parents” right after the death of Lady Di, in 1997.

The book likewise discloses that Queen Elizabeth II positively refused to authorize the connection or marriage of Charles to Camila, the Queen happened to think of her as an “evil woman.”

“When Charles asked his mother, not to forbid their relationship, the queen responded energetically that she would never tolerate her adultery, nor would she forgive Camila for being his lover and not allowing the marriage to Diana to recover,” the publication claims.



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