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It is necessary to ensure that the cyber-security and privacy abide by the guidelines and regulations set to protect enterprises especially due to the digital shift.

As a result of the digital data, infringements have become rampant.

It is therefore the obligation of the administrators, directors, staff and clients to ensure that data privacy and security is adhered to.

Enterprises have a collection of data from their customers that they process in order to examine which one to disregard and which one to disseminate. These collection of data needs to be protected at all costs from prying eyes.

There are very few individuals who clearly comprehend the distinction between privacy and security.

Privacy is described as the capability to keep data from harm. Privacy entails aspects such as the data collected, who is allowed to access that data and the time span when it should be stored. Security on the other hand is the safe guarding of this data from falling into the wrong hands.

Like a wise man once said “You can’t have privacy without security, but you can have security without privacy.”

Cyber Security and privacy Challenges

The first challenge that privacy and cyber security experience is the intricacy of the environment we are living in.

There is a global shift towards digitisation which has resulted to immense volumes of data being collected when people are travelling, shopping, communicating and surfing the internet. All this data is being processed by the diverse institutions, deciding which one to keep and which one to discard.

The things that intrigue us, personal information and location are a few of the information that is used in order to make it possible for us to conduct these transactions.

These environmental intricacies make it challenging for institutions and individuals to guarantee the security of the collected data.

These online transactions are a threat to privacy and cyber security as only one weak link can cause a lot of harm to any individual.

The other challenge is the global shift towards the use of our cell phones for almost all transactions.

In this era one can check their email, play games, upload data online, find routes, keep track of your diary and communicate with people using a mobile phone.

You can also access your bank records, pay for services and goods using it.

This easy accessibility of everything at your fingertips is also a major threat for all the personal data you have stored there such as pins and codes, especially with the increase in the number of professional hackers.

One wrong swipe on your phone and your device can be remotely controlled. 

Cyber security and privacy policies should be developed to ensure that data privacy and data protection are taken seriously by each and every individual.

It is not only the role of the authorities to ensure that privacy policies are adhered.

We are all responsible for ensuring that the data collected and disseminated is safe from all harm including prying eyes.

Her is the CCIRC Community Portal if you need it

“The CCIRC Community Portal provides a common collaboration tool for organizations that are part of Canada’s critical infrastructure sectors. CCIRC uses this portal to share its most recent documents and publications with its partners. In turn, partners have the option of posting documents of their own, and can also use this portal to report cyber incidents to CCIRC. For more information please contact CCIRC.” taken from the website.


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