Image coutesy of Dado Ruvic/Reuters

Several months back Facebook was caught inflating the actual time of users watching videos of paying advertisers.  Why is it that when the BIG Corporations who were caught cheating getaway with it simply by making brand new promises to provide advertisers better data and clearer picture of how they spend the customers money ?.

Facebook being one of the bigger social media networks has now launched a brand new website blog that’s called Metrics FYI, this is the place that it will share any updates and or corrections. Here is the link.

Facebook’s vice president Carolyn Everson said that “We want to ensure our clients trust and believe in the metrics that we are providing”. Seems they need way more advertisers for text and or photo ads as they bring in much higher rates to Facebook. Bottom line “its all about the money” said Chris Wick CEO of .

Let’s clarify something right now, Facebook is not the only one that was manipulating results and feeding incorrect information to its advertisers. Alphabets Google as well as other major corporation are guilty of this.

We looked at the stock market and Shares of facebook dropped 2.5 % to $114.30 per share, that was before the marked opened. This is because facebook lied to its advertisers by providing inflated numbers. However being such a popular website they already have signed on companies such as Swiss food, Nestle Sa, Proctor and Gamble, AT&T as well as other major players. Seems no one cares if they get screwed over as long as the Green paper keeps rolling in from the public viewers.

I wonder if the Mom and Pop store manipulated data, just how quickly would the owners end up in court or worse in jail?.


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