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HEALTH – Recovery from chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP / CPPS) with the help of Dr. Allen’s device is achieved by improving blood circulation in the affected prostate.

This is important because CP / CPPS can not be effectively treated with traditional methods of treatment: antibiotics and other medications.

Fine Treatment delivers this device worldwide from United Kingdom.

Pain is a common symptom of this condition, as an inflamed prostate, like a bulb, increases pressure on surrounding tissues. During urination, the urinary bladder contracts and expels the urine through the urethra. When the bubble is almost empty, it continues to contract to squeeze the last few drops. Because the prostate is next to the neck of the bladder, the prostate is compressed by this action, pressing on this “inflamed bulb”, which causes pain after urination.

A 2-years clinical trial has investigated symptoms and quality of life in 45 men with chronic prostatitis and concluded that thermo-balancing therapy can be recommended as in-defended therapy for patients with CP/CPPS.

A clinical trial has confirmed that CP/CPPS patients get relief after several months of using thermobalancing therapy. Dr. Allen’s device helps men to improve the condition of the inflamed prostate tissue by tackling its cause.

Antibiotics are important but cannot help in the chronic stage.

According to researches in the USA and Canada, antibiotic therapy doesn’t help men with longstanding, refractory CP/CPPS as well as the second most commonly prescribed drugs: alpha-blockers.

Here is a video testimonial showing a Fine Treatment’s customer who had been suffering from chronic prostatitis for over 4 years, while taking antibiotics, and who subsequently recovered in 5 months at home by wearing Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device. It is important to underline that thermobalancing therapy is free from adverse side effects. 


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