Award-winning Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett has revealed that a psychic predicted one of her most inspiring movie roles – and in a bizarre twist the prediction occurred when Blanchett was learning how to become psychic herself.

The Australian-born actress – famous for roles in Elizabeth, The Aviator and Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy – won plaudits for her portrayal of murdered journalist Veronica Guerin in the 2003 film of the same name, directed by Joel Schumacher. She has now told journalists that two years prior to her winning the role she experienced a bizarre and creepy episode with a psychic.

Psychic reading reveals future movie role for Hollywood star

Said Blanchett “The psychic told me ‘you’re going to play a writer, short hair, she dies before her time, she’s got some foreign sounding name, Guavin, something like that and you’re going to have two bodyguards’.”

Blanchett forgot about this episode until two years later while filming her role in Veronica Guerin. There were concerns over her security, as at the time the man accused of Guerin’s murder – John Gilligan – had just been tried but acquitted of the crime. Because of these security issues Blanchett was issued with two bodyguards.

“I turned around covered in blood,” said Blanchett, “with my short hair and there were two bodyguards and I thought ‘Oh my God, this feels really familiar. Oh my God, this is what the psychic said…’ it was really creepy.”

Blanchett meets psychic while researching role as fortune-teller

Blanchett met the psychic while preparing for her role in ‘The Gift’. In the Sam Raimi-directed movie Blanchett played Annie Wilson, a psychic and fortune-teller in Brixton, Georgia, whom begins to experience supernatural visions in response to the disappearance of a local school teacher. The film was allegedly based on the true-life experiences of the writer, famed actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Veronica Guerin was an Irish journalist whom was murdered in 1996 at the age of 37 following her investigation into drug trafficking in Dublin.


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