Psychic Debbie Malone has said that she hopes to help solve one of Australia’s most famous cold cases – the disappearance of mother-of-two Lyn Dawson thirty-six years ago. Malone says that she knows exactly what happened to Dawson, and even where her body is buried.

Despite being the prime suspect, Dawson’s husband Chris has not been charged for the murder of his wife, as no body has ever been found. Lyn was last seen in her Sydney home in January, 1982. Upon investigation police discovered that Chris had been having an affair with a former student of his, Joanne Curtis. Disturbingly, Chris and Joanne had been meeting for sex since Joanne was sixteen years old.

Psychic aims to solve one of Australia’s greatest crime mysteries

After Lyn’s disappearance Joanne moved into the family home and became step-mother to the couple’s two daughters. She eventually married Chris, although the couple split in 1990. Chris now lives near Noosa in Queensland.

Interest in the case has been re-ignited recently with the release of a podcast, named ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ and produced by The Australian newspaper. Now Malone says she can help solve the mystery of the disappearance once and for all.

In 2017 Malone published a book entitled ‘Clues From Beyond’ which was to contain a chapter on the Dawson case, but the chapter was pulled shortly before publication for legal reasons.

“She met with foul play” claims leading psychic

Fifteen years ago Dawson’s siblings provided Malone with a watch that previously belonged to Dawson. Malone quickly deduced that Dawson was indeed dead and that she had been met with ‘foul play’. She now hopes to be able to help to put the matter to rest.

Malone has helped on cold cases before, including the murder of Kiesha Weippart in 2010 and the death of Dorothy Davis in 1995.


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