As the host of 2DayFM’s breakfast show in Australia, Grant Denyer has taken some unusual calls in his time. Perhaps the most unusual of all occurred on Wednesday this week, when a famed celebrity psychic chillingly predicted his death.

The 41-year-old DJ has a side career in motorsport and has already experienced two near-fatal accidents, one in 2008 and one as recently as 2017. Psychic Kerrie Erwin has now warned him that if he doesn’t slow down, he will die.

It wasn’t all bad for Denyer, though. Erwin admitted that he was a ‘genuine person’ and a ‘dynamo’.

Psychic warns celebrity DJ to ‘slow down’ or risk losing his life

“I just feel that you’re a risk taker and I was just worried about the racing stuff around you,” said Erwin. “I know you’ve had an accident in the past but I feel that you push yourself too much and really you need to pull back.”

When asked about the psychic’s prediction later on, Denyer said “I didn’t like it. [Kerrie] basically told me that if I continue racing I’m going to have an accident and I’m gonna die.”

A friend of Denyer’s – actor, comedian and radio host Ed Kavalee – said that he often has a recurring dream in which he sees his radio host buddy dying in an accident.

Denyer has suffered two major racing injuries over the past decade

In 2008 Denyer suffered a compressed fracture of the lower vertebrae while competing in a professional monster truck promotion. In 2017 he broke his coccyx and a finger after a crash during a rally car event.

Early this year Kerrie Erwin caused some controversy when she predicted that the then forthcoming marriage of the UK’s Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle would not last. In early 2017 she predicted that one of the two remaining Beatles would suffer an illness, although neither Paul McCartney nor Ringo Starr were reported to be suffering from any major ailment over the following twelve months.


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