The stretch of the M6 between junctions 16 and 19 is one of the UK’s most notorious roads when it comes to accidents – and one of the world’s leading psychics has now revealed why – this section of the motorway is haunted.

Mike Brooker of Norwich has said that paranormal forces are at work in the area – and as evidence gives numerous accounts related to him of spooky sightings and unexplained phenomena.

This stretch of the M6 is one of the UK’s most accident-prone stretches of road

“I personally know people who have lost their lives and families who have been affected by accidents on this stretch of motorway,” said Mr Brooker. “I am investigating this and I need people to give me whatever evidence they have; sightings or experiences or even strange occurrences.”

Mr Brooker says he feels that this stretch of the M6 may be haunted due to a nearby Roman Burial ground. He also says that there was once, in the area, an historic clash between Scottish and English armies that involved a tremendous loss of life.

Authorities have reacted to the frequency of accidents along the M6 between junctions 16 and 19 by announcing a £250 million Smart Motorway upgrade. Mr Brooker though has stated that he thinks it likely the accidents will continue as the reasons for them are supernatural.

Psychic believes ‘science’ will never find an answer to this accident-prone stretch

“I ‘personally’ believe there is something supernatural that has attached itself to this particular stretch of motorway,” Mr Brooker continued. “When ‘science’ holds its hands up and is at a complete loss to explain this plethora of accidents/incidents between junctions 17 and 19 of the M6; there is perhaps an alternate explanation.”

This stretch of the M6 has a notorious history, with sightings of Roman soldiers, phantom vehicles and hitchhikers that simply vanish into thin air.


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