Famous psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison are well known in the other-worldly world for their predictions regarding celebrities and the United Kingdom’s royal family. Just last month they predicted that Harry and Meghan would soon be announcing that the couple are expecting their first child. Now they are back with another prediction for the UK’s most recent royal couple.

Terry and Linda frequently claim that they are in touch with Prince Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana. They say that they have been communicating with the former Princess of Wales from beyond the grave for the past two decades.

It is reported that while Diana has given her thorough blessing for her son’s choice of bride, she has also warned the young couple that they face tough times ahead, especially when they deal with the glare of public interest in them from all over the world.

Said Diana: Harry, I am delighted that you have found a lovely young woman who shares your passion to make a difference in the world. All eyes will be on you in the coming months and years, scrutinizing your every move and misstep. The struggle to maintain a closeness in the face of unfathomable opposition will at times feel overwhelming.

“Have compassion for yourselves and listen to each other with open hearts. Trust each other, and know that your marriage has been divinely appointed. I see turbulent times ahead for you both. People will try to demean you and diminish your bright light. You must not let others steal your souls.”

The psychic twins say that Diana had previously ‘warned’ them about Meghan Markle, saying that the American is more ‘tenacious’ than her son due to her experience as an actress.

Terry and Linda possess an excellent track record for their psychic predictions, which includes correctly stating the gender of Princess William and Kate’s children, plus forecasting terrorist acts and unfortunate natural disasters.


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