Donald Trump attends the National Breakfast of Prayer at a hotel in Washington, DC on February 8, 2018. David Brandon – Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON – Recognized psychologists warned on Thursday that the “unprecedented” behavior of the president, Donald Trump, represents a “danger to the United States and the entire world.”

Trump’s dangerous and impulsive behavior is unprecedented in our history and represents a threat to the security of the United States and the entire world,” James Gilligan, a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York University, told Conspiracy Talk News..

Gilligan is one of the experts that appears in the film “Mental Health Experts on Donald Trump”, which was presented on Thursday at a press conference in Washington by several protagonists.

In the film, ten mental health experts detail their concerns about President Trump’s behavior and the risks he represents, and criticize that the mental examination he was recently subjected to was “insufficient”.

For this reason, they demand that Congress approve a “more complete” independent evaluation, carried out by a committee chosen by the National Institute of Medicine (NIM), an objective and non-partisan organization.

This evaluation should determine through a comprehensive assessment, including a neuropsychiatric test, the ability of Trump and Vice President, Mike Pence, to be in charge of the country.

“Trump was subjected to an evaluation, to detect specific disorders, without the intention of finding neurological difficulties or if he is able or not to make good decisions in stressful situations,” the professor of psychiatry at Yale University explained at the press conference. Bandy Lee.

In addition, the scientist said that the evaluation proposed by this group of experts would be a measure to be implemented from now on, and that all presidential candidates should have to pass for the White House, in addition to Trump and Pence.

Clinical psychologist and member of Columbia University Ben Michaelis explained that presidents and candidates for the White House should pass a test to determine their capacity for judgement and decision-making under stress conditions.

Among other tests, Michaelis advised that they be submitted to the Stroop Test, very common among executive positions in the private world, which assesses the ability to classify environmental information and react selectively to that information.


  1. I have a deal for all you Trump haters in the U.S. I’ll trade you Justin Trudeau for Donald Trump straight up! Then you can watch your country get invaded by tens of thousands of people from terrorist countries, who will stop at nothing to change your way of life. You can watch your culture erode to the point where even your national anthem is getting trashed. You can deal with tens of thousands of your own people who don’t have a place to call home each and every night while tens of thousands of refugees are being ushered into new ones. How’s that for a deal?

    • As a Canadian I hereby endorse Mr. Wilkinson’s proposition. Trudeau himself is a real embarrassment to us. Every time he opens his potty mouth I either cringe or laugh hysterically because the “man” is such an imbecile. Jihad Justin is what he call him up here. He’s falsely claims to be a libtard feminist but won’t stand up to Sharia law. There’s been thousands of job losses, another $10M to an African Muslim nation, a $10M payout a convicted terrorist from an Islamic hate group but no money for ours veterans. Plus he publically criticized all Christians ( a hate crime) is very anti-family and pro-abortion. Man the list goes on. We’ll take Trump in a heartbeat. And the bleeding heart American libtard shrink that wrote this better contact Soros for another installment check cause I guess the money is running gout?


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