The secretary of the Puerto Rico Senate, Manuel Torres. Henry Franklin – Conspiracy Talk News

Puerto Rico (Conspiracy Talk News) – The Senate will not hold public hearings to discuss the five consolidation plans of agencies that La Fortaleza sent yesterday to the Legislative Assembly.

The secretary of the Senate, Manuel Torres, indicated that consolidation plans “are not amendable,” although legislators – who must approve or reject them – can discuss their content with interested parties.

Torres said that, in the plans, it is provided that the Legislature must express its approval or rejection of the proposals in a concurrent resolution.

However, he said that it would go to public hearings, the evaluation of the laws that, once the consolidation is approved, should be amended or created to make possible the merger of the affected agencies.

The Legislature will have 30 days to decide whether to approve or reject the plans sent by Governor Ricardo Rosselló. 

The countdown started yesterday, when the Office of Records and the Senate received them.

At the close of this session, it was anticipated that they would also be filing in the Chamber. 

However, there are still doubts among the legislative leadership on how these proposals will be handled, which must follow the processes established by the newly created Government Laws. 

For example, the spokesman for the majority in the Senate, Carmelo Ríos, said that “they are not written in stone” and that they would evaluate some in public view.

While his counterpart in the Chamber, Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló, believes that the plans are amendable and that the bills that are needed will go to public hearings.

“All legislation submitted is subject to change,” he said.


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