Dismissed president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont. Archived Photo - Conspiracy Talk News

MADRID – The former President Carles Puigdemont of Catalonia asked the Spanish authorities to start negotiations on the restitution of what he called his “legitimate government”. 

He fled to Belgium to avoid a judicial investigation on charges of rebellion.

From Brussels, the X president said yesterday through social networks that for Spain “it is time to accept the mandate of December 21, rectify, repair and fully restore what they have dismissed without the permission of the Catalans.

Spanish President Mariano Rajoy dismissed Puigdemont and his cabinet after the regional Parliament of Catalonia voted in favor of a declaration of independence in October.

But the secessionist parties, including one led by Mr. Puigdemont, won the majority of the seats in last week’s elections.

The ousted President fled to Belgium to avoid a judicial investigation on charges of rebellion. 

Yesterday he did not say if he plans to return to Spain, where an arrest warrant awaits him.

Rajoy said Friday that he plans to call the new Catalan Parliament on January 17th. 

Local parliamentary norms require that a candidate be present to form a government.


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