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Vladimir Putin has stated he’s going for an additional term as Russia’s Leader in the nation’s political election next season.

Talking with personnel in an automobile manufacturing plant, Putin explained: “I will put forward my candidacy for the post of President of the Russian federation.”

Putin has always been either a President or a Prime Minister of Russia since the year 2000. In the event that he is victorious in the following political election, he’ll be in power right up until 2024.

The news has come about as the USSR encounters pressure coming from world-wide leaders about their behavior with international affairs.

Theresa May promised to battle “Russian meddling as well as hostility”, in here speech at the annual lord mayor’s banquet back in November.

She points out that Russia had compromised the actual Danish ministry of defense, and also the German Bundestag and “repeatedly” disregarded air-space of Countries in Europe.

“We know what you are doing – and you will not succeed,” she reported.

“The United kingdom will do what’s necessary to protect ourselves, and work with our allies to do likewise.”

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