Putin’s Nationwide Ceasefire in Syria

On Friday, A nationwide ceasefire in Syria is now expected to take the next step, in order to restore peace after recapturing north of the country, Putin mentioned in an interview while his visit to Japan.

He mentioned that thousands of civilians and soldiers sustained to evacuate Aleppo on 2nd day of the process .

According to a report!

1. Around 9,000 people have been taken out of the besieged city, since Thursday.
2. For those who are leaving the place, their destination will be expected to be the province of Idlib– probably the next target of Bashar al-Assad regime.

AN activist also broke saying,

” We waited for the international community and the United Nations to punish the criminal and not the victims (the people). Unfortunately, the punishment was for the people. They have displaced us from our land.”

“Honestly I don’t know if we can return back someday to our land or if it is going to be the fate of the Palestinians.”

Expected developments

  • Putin’s main purpose is to uphold the Syrian Peace Talk in Kazakhstan, in order to end the ceasefire.
  • Bashar al- Assad, the President of Syria congratulated Syrians on evacuation from Aleppo.
  • The process of evacuation is in-process for 2nd day, with a number of people waiting to leave the city.
  • A number of civilians will now have to choose between Aleppo and Idlib as their temporary province, where the fight continues.

Reportedly, some civilians are also forced to stay in the city itself, right after the buses which came to evacuate them filled too fast.
Whereas, the main priorities are given to those who are either injured or suffering from serious medical problems, like anemia or malnutrition.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul, a senior adviser of Syrian American Medical Society said,

“You have patients who are very traumatized psychologically because of what they’ve witnessed of extreme violence, destruction and the killing of their family members.”



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