Gooi Soon Seng (c), a lawyer for the Indonesian defendant Siti Aisyah, attends the press in court in Sepang, Malaysia today, March 1, 2017. A Malaysian judge charged the two accused women today Of causing the death last month of the brother of the leader of the North of the North, Kim Jong-nam, after rubbing the face to him with the nervous agent VX. FAZRY ISMAIL EF

Pyongyang accused Seoul on Wednesday of facilitating the poison that killed Kim Jong-nam, the elder brother of the North Korean leader and insinuated that the toxic substance had been introduced into South Korea from the United States.

North Korea recalls that “only the United States and some other countries still possess the VX nerve agent found in Kim’s body”, and stressed how problematic it is that the United States is introducing all kinds of chemical weapons into South Korea.

Kim Jong-un’s eldest brother died on 13 February after being allegedly poisoned by two women at the Kuala Lumpur airport, where he was to take a flight back to Macau, where he resided in his voluntary exile.

The preliminary death report by the Malaysian authorities determined that the VX was the cause of Kim Jong-nam’s death.

Pyongyang, who says that “the cause of death has not yet been clearly identified,” accused South Korea again today of spreading the rumor that Kim Jong – name that appeared on the diplomatic passport of the deceased and with which KCNA refers to the man – was poisoned by North Korean agents to provoke rejection towards the country and a conflict with Malaysia.

“USA. And the South Korean authorities are blaming the DPRK (North Korea) without foundation, “politically charged accusations aimed at tarnishing its image” and overthrowing its social system, “the CTN News said today.

The North Korean official also said that “the danger and seriousness of the problem” lies in the fact that the accusation of the use of chemical weapons parallels that of “possession of weapons of mass destruction of Iraq accused by the United States in the 1990s.”

The ultimate goal of the United States is “to awaken international disgust towards the DPRK and provoke a nuclear war at any cost,” he said in the text.

The North Korean regime warned that it will take the necessary defense measures and advised the US “and its forces” not to “rush”, keeping in mind the strategic position of the North as a nuclear power.

Malaysian authorities have accused a Vietnamese woman and an Indonesian woman of Kim Jong-nam’s murder, and are holding a North Korean chemist in detention and seek four other citizens of the same country who fled shortly after the crime.


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