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For several years, Quebec Doctors and the  medical federations have asked the Administration to increase their salaries to match those of their colleagues in other provinces. 

In Canada , the health system is public and each provincial government administers it. 

At the beginning of February, the Quebec government announced that it will increase the salaries of about 20,000 doctors in the French-speaking province; 1.4% for specialists and 1.8% for general practitioners, in a disbursement of some 1,500 million Canadian dollars (about 950 million euros) in the next eight years. 

A specialist doctor in Quebec earns an average of $ 367,000 per year (233,000 euros), while a general practitioner receives about $ 255,000 (162,000 euros).

Few government measures have been as unpopular in recent years as these increases. Journalists, citizens and opposition politicians have reacted vehemently for specific reasons. 

The health system of Quebec presents serious difficulties in aspects such as emergency services, working conditions for nursing staff and home care, as a result of cuts pushed by the liberal government, in addition to the cost of living that is lower to that of most Canadian provinces. 

In this flood of discontents, a significant number of doctors have come out to criticize the increase of dollars in their wallets.

Citizen pressure is increasing and more and more doctors believe that an increase in their salaries is an unworthy gesture when there are issues of higher priority in the health system of Quebec.


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