Image broadcast by the Royal Mail on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, shows Prince George of Great Britain during a photo shoot with Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Ranald Mackechnie AP

Queen Elizabeth II has no intention of giving way to her eldest son, Charles of England, the heir to the throne, the Sunday Times reported Sunday, citing sources from the monarch’s surroundings.

These sources, whose identity will not be revealed are very close to the sovereign, maintain that the Queen defends the principle that “the first is the obligation, the first is the country” and that she “will be there,” in addition she will ensure that she is more committed than ever” to her position.

The recent rumors that the British monarch plans to invoke the so-called Regency Act in the near future, something that does not fall within the plans of the Buckingham Palace – its official residence in London – or of Clarence House – Where the Prince of Wales lives – according to three different sources.

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Charles, in the white living room at Windsor Castle, England in May 2016. Nick Knight AP

That law stipulates that the monarch could transfer powers to the heir to the crown in case of suffering a disability or illness.

From the palace one remembers the commitment made by the Queen on her 21st birthday, when she said: “I declare that all my life, whether long or short, I will be dedicated to your service”.

The Sunday Times reports that last week it was rumored the Queen told her inner circle that she might quit if she continued to reign in four years, when she is 95.

“The Queen has always been very vehement in that there will never be a regency unless she is ill to the point of being unable to perform her duties,” one of those sources said.

“As long as I’m healthy, regardless of my age, I do not approve a change in kingship.”

Nevertheless, the Queen no longer makes official trips abroad, so, Prince Charles and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall perform that duty.

The monarch also shares other real tasks, such as attending investiture, with her eldest son, Princess Anne and the Duke of Cambridge, who just quit her job as an air ambulance pilot last month in order to take on more real commitments.

On the other hand, on the 2nd day, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, officially retired after 96 years of public life, when participating in his last official commitment as member of the royal family, reviewing troops of The Royal British Navy.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana in Paris, a recent survey by ICM revealed that 51% of Britons want the next king to be Prince William.



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