In social networks, the rodent is already known as "The shower rat".

At first, in the video it seems a rat was taking a bath, but now we are not so sure.

In Peru, local DJ Jose Correa told Metro, from the United Kingdom, that he was going to take a shower in a public bath last Saturday, in the town of Huaraz, when he saw a rodent standing in a sink rubbing his body with legs, just like humans do.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Correa said. “It was like 30 seconds, and then he ran away. As if he wanted to wash himself well. “

In social networks, the rodent is already known as “The shower rat”.

It certainly looks like he’s washing his body, but what was he really doing?

An animal expert analyzed the video.

“The movements are quite strange,” said Tuomas Aivelo, a researcher in Urban Rat Biology at the University of Helsinki in Finland on the technology blog Gizmodo. “A rat would not do it unless it wanted to get rid of something. I think he had soap all over his body and probably that was a problem for the rat that just wanted to clean it. “

However, another reliable source explained that the little one was not a rat, but a pacarana, a type of rodent from South America.

“With his big head, the position he is in, the flexibility of the limbs, the short and hard tail, and the color of the fur, this animal seems to be a pacarana,” Dallas Krentzel, an expert biologist, told Newsweek magazine. in the evolution of the University of Chicago that studies the diversity of rodents

Krentzel added that pacaranas are not known for bathing, so the situation is still strange.


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