No poll broached the subject whenever New Mexico inhabitants first told stories of unusual flying things and falling bodies in the 1940’s, nevertheless studies since have found that the conspiracy theories about UFO’S which started out in that decade have proven very long-lasting and resilient.

In 1997, Air Force released a report intended to place these kinds of tales to rest, stating that those witnesses had actually witnessed weather balloons as well as crash test dummies.

This attempt hit a brick wall; merely 25% of USA citizens believed the report. 36 months in the future, 40% of the country asserted that the U.S. government was withholding information regarding the existence of UFOs; yet another 11% didn’t know.

Man’s activities in to space have proven less fertile terrain for conspiracy theories.

Despite the fact that conjecture that NASA photo shopped the actual moon landing started off from the second that famous initial step has been taken, surveys in 1995 and 1999 found just 6% of the country believed the big event was staged.


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