Reasons to Stop Your ISP From Tracking You

If you think you are safe from snooping of Advertisers, Govt, ISP and Big Data collectors, you couldn’t be more wrong. While its quite easy to block ads from getting your private data or browse in incognito mode for private browsing, there is still one thing (or more) that keeps an eye on every click and key you press. In this post, I’ll share 10 surprising reasons to stop your ISP from tracking you.

It is a grave situation-I must say.

Where Internet was made with one thought in mind- Freedom, recent laws obscure this very agenda and vision of the Internet. While you may feel that you have taken all kinds of measures, your ISP tracks every move and website you visit on the Internet.

Why Does Your ISP Track You?

Now that’s an interesting question, right?

Why does your ISP keep a tab on every click? What’s in it for them?

There are many reasons for this data log maintained by your ISP but the most prominent reason of them all is revenue. You got that right- Money!

ISP providers generate revenue by compiling your data logs and sharing it with marketing companies for a hefty amount. Certain Internet Providers are targeting you as potential buyers much like other websites using your Internet history to sell Privacy (YOUR BASIC RIGHT) as a premium add-on.

Well, there’s more…

If you belong to the category of people who just can’t compromise on their privacy like researchers, social activists, whistleblowers or journalists, you must know that any data or information your ISP collects may be viewed by govt. Agencies upon request.

And they will be legally bound to provide it.

So, you get two choices… either just shut your eyes and pretend you are safe or take the matter in your own hands and get secure with security mechanisms like HTTPS browsing, and investing in VPN.

While, I’ll come to that later.

First, let me share why you need to prevent your ISP from tracking you. Consider them and think over it.

Reasons to Stop Your ISP From Tracking You

1. Prevent Govt. agencies from tracking you

The first and foremost reason on this list of viable reasons to stop your ISP from Tracking you is obviously the Government. Now you may think what’s the harm in government keeping a tab on everyone’s activities for putting bad guys behind bars or prevent terrorism.

Well, it isn’t wrong. But what if your country has an oppressive govt? Say North Korea, Myanmar, China, Cuba, Iran, etc.

Even a harmless Internet activity or sharing your personal opinion can get you arrested.

  • 67 percent of total Internet users reside in oppressive govt. Nations.
  • 38 Countries made arrests based on harmless opinion sharing Facebook posts.
  • 27% Internet users are a part of these arresting nations.

This is the seriousness of the situation.

Just take a brief pause and think how much your ISP knows about you and the legal obligation they have can well, potentially put you and your family under direct govt. Threat.

I don’t want that and neither do you.

A top VPN service can help you by keeping your private history private and encrypted so that online govt. agencies can’t monitor your every single move.

2. Hide your activity from Google & other search engines

Would you want your current employer to know if you’re hunting for a new job? Or perhaps let your insurance agent get the information that you were looking at life-threatening disease symptoms?

No? I guessed so!

Google and other search engines track every move and your ISP knows about every single website you visit with your IP address. Each and every search or download is logged and you may end up in a pickle because of that.

The simple solution is to get a VPN and block ISP tracking for anonymous browsing online.

3. Stay Safe on Public Wi-fi Hotspots

Public Wi-fi service is the Internet service most cafes, restaurants, and airports offer these days to attract more customers. However, this public hotspot is one of the most unsecure and targeted network of hackers and cyber attackers.

So, you’ll just stop using a public open wi-fi. Is it so?


Just invest in a good VPN that offers multi-device connectivity and enjoy free Internet using your VPN service.

4. Hide Sensitive Business Information Online

Today’s world is dominated by technology and Internet. Even a small grocery shop owner has his name, contact and personal information listed on Internet to gather more customers for his business.

That’s the popularity of Internet.

However, 71% of overall cyber attacks target business owner accounts.

This alarming percentage is increasing every year and it needs to be stopped.

But how?

Mask your real IP address and add a layer of security for all your business deals and financial transactions over the Internet.

A secure VPN will keep your personal information like your name, location and other sensitive data like credit card details, bank account number etc under wraps from lurking hackers waiting for one chance to get ahold of your data.

5. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies online

Never miss out on a favorite TV show or movie show online just because it is unavailable in your country. A VPN will bypass all geo-restrictions for you and let you watch anything and everything to your heart’s content by switching to any country’s server of your choice.

Also, you may have tried Kodi- the free media streaming app. While, some of the Kodi add-ons (your key to unlimited media content from around the globe) may be blocked by your ISP (ugh!).

The best Kodi VPN will circumvent all the ISP limitations and give you unlimited access to all kinds of Live TV shows, movies, sports and more.

6. Improve your Internet speed

Need to look for some urgent information or reply to a time-sensitive email? But the data cap won’t let you do that.

Worry not! Like always I have the right solution for this as well.

With an Unlimited bandwidth VPN by your side, you can reduce the data usage by almost 50 percent. Also, your browsing and streaming speed will drastically improve.

All of this with just one thing.

A secure and reliable VPN on your system.

7. Bypass all restrictions laid out by your offices/schools

Most offices, schools and colleges have blocked some websites on their network. Their reason- improve the
employees’ productivity.

Well, if you’re in dire need of some information, then these policies are just a bottleneck for you.

Again, a VPN will hide your IP address and let you bypass all the restrictions laid out by school authorities and your employer in a jiffy.

8. Compare prices & save some dollars ($$$)

The dirty secret of many travelling and selling websites is that they vary their service or product charges on the basis of your location.

That’s the truth.

Having a VPN will hide your IP address (thereby your location) and you may anonymously browse to compare the prices of products and services like airfare to get the best deal across and save some dollars.

Additionally, always delete your cookies before visiting a new website to ensure getting new results based on your search.

9. Unblock streaming subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t love watching exclusive shows on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

Some of the streaming subscriptions are unavailable in most countries and therefore the content they provide is also restricted under ISP restrictions.

With an anonymous VPN, you can enjoy these streaming subscriptions and more. Just connect to the VPN server of your choice and view all your favorite shows from the comfort of your own home.

10. Access to Anonymous Torrenting

Torrenting helps in faster and quick download of all the latest movies and TV series. Since Internet expansion, Torrent has been a great part of it and till date, many Internet denizens use torrenting services like Bittorrent, Utorrent for downloading faster.

However, many countries and regions don’t legally support torrents and you may put yourself in a position to receive warnings or copyright/infringement notices.

By hiding your IP address and adopting anonymous torrenting, you can protect your current location and online identity.

It’s your basic right- Take care of it!

Internet was developed and envisioned as a platform of free speech and sharing. It’s that simple to understand. Given these points, it is pretty clear this basic right is violated and you have to take measures to control it.

I hope these 10 reasons to stop your ISP from tracking you gave you enough causes and inspiration to take the matter in your own hands.

Investing in a fast, reliable and secure VPN will help you keep your online footprints private and sensitive information hidden from third-parties that may abuse it for their benefits.

To sum it up, even if you’re a regular Internet user, it is essential to protect yourself online with a virus-attack free OS like best Linux distro and security mechanisms including HTTPS and a VPN.

Wish you a Happy Anonymous Streaming!


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