Everybody in the modern world is a netizen. We send messages, upload files, save data, and secure information electronically because it makes our lives easier and more convenient.

But, as with any transfer of valuable information, there are those nefarious individuals those robbers of the information superhighway who would perform acts of data theft or manipulation so severe that they could cripple the finances, reputation, or well-being of an individual or organization.

Imagine, for example, a hacker who releases a company’s inside information to their competitors for money, or an individual trying to pin a crime onto another through the person’s social media usage.

With situations like these, there is no telling what the outcomes will be. What’s more, even supposedly beneficial advances in technology, such as enhanced security measures, can be harmful when put to the wrong use. Take, for example, a spouse trying to hide his secret affairs or an employee stealing from their company. Misdirected security measures, in this case, are protecting the wrongdoer.

Therefore, if you or your company has fallen victim to electronic fraud, theft, or similar misdeeds, it is important that you find a reliable private investigator who is an expert in computer forensics and investigative strategies.

What Kinds of Electronic Crimes Can a Private Investigator Assist With?

A skilled PI can recover lost data, uncover responsible parties, and differentiate likely suspects from unwitting patsies. Furthermore, hackers and other computer criminals are very pristine about their insidious activities, making it hard to track them. Thus, with the help of a PI, there is a better chance at uncovering the electronic “fingerprints” that will tell the story of who did what.

Some of the reasons that you might consider looking into a private investigator for forensic computer analysis include the following:

  • A suspect used a program designed to obfuscate or cover their tracks
  • Retrieving files or emails that were deleted
  • Recovering lost passwords or locked files
  • Tracing unauthorized Internet usage or software installation on company networks
  • An employee shared secure information about the organization to outside parties
  • Uncovering forged electronic documentation
  • Extracting data from nearly any device
  • Distinguishing nefarious activity from computer illiteracy

A PI would be of use within a situation where information is purged from the computer making it harder to track or to relocate. In these daunting situations, an experienced investigator will take drastic measures to relocate the information, which is done through the demonstration that the computer lacks the normal pattern of data that usually arises from regular usage.

Another example is an employee’s utilization of a scrub software to cover their tracks. During these types of events, a PI is able to piece together the remaining information that still exists in the computer’s data in order to reveal the actions that took place.

Why Invest in a Private Investigator?

First off, a PI has had many years of training and is highly qualified for the job. More importantly, a private investigator is there to help you gather information that is needed to either to put your suspicions to rest, or to bring the individual’s reprehensible activities to an end.

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Author Steve Bjuvgard security specialist


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