Though I am not pro-vaccination, to say I am anti-vaccination would be a stretch. I believe it is a very personal decision that only a parent should be able to make for their child.

The facts are that vaccinations can cause harm to your child, and like anything that may cause harm, only a parent should be given the responsibility of weighing up the pros and cons and making the decision that is best for their family.

After all, if something should go wrong (as it did with my child) it is you the parent who will be dealing with the aftermath – financially, physically and emotionally.

That said, I have seen a recent announcement of a new vaccination that is a single dose mumps vaccination available in the UK from June 2012, and wanted to write some detail on it here.  

There are many reasons a single-dose mumps might be considered a good idea at first appearance.
 * MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) vaccination has had many reports of serious adverse affects
 * MMR is ‘cultured’ in a chick embryo and thus is unable to be utilized by those children allergic to eggs
 * 1 vaccination as opposed to 3-in-1 is less likely to cause adverse reactions

Please be aware if you are evaluating your stance on this new drug, that newer does not automatically mean better. In addition, something that needs to be taken into account is the method of producing any drug (or cosmetic, household product etc).

In this case this vaccination that you will be allowing to be injected into your child is cultured from canine kidney cells rather than chick embryos and is thought to be manufactured in the Czech Republic (a country with vastly different laws and safety legislation on pharmaceutical manufacture).  

Top reasons to be concerned and look further into this vaccination before making a decision:
 * Manufacturing company is based in Czech Republic – a country with vastly different laws and safety regulations
 * Company has had other products banned previously due to concerns about their safety
 * This may actually be a vaccine that was approved previously and then rejected. If this is the case it would have only be renamed and repackaged. (See this page for more detail on this statement.)
* Innocent, sweet living dogs are bred specifically (typically in horrid conditions and with no love, affection or attention. They suffer and die at the hands of big business and you may not want to contribute to their suffering.
* Manufacturer has stated that children allergic to the proteins in dog hair may also have an allergic reaction to this vaccine.

All in all, as with any vaccine product the best advise I can offer is to do your homework. Know when you are making a decision it is an informed decision, and not one made by a puppet who does whatever the man in the white coat tells you to do.


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