US President Donald Trump attends a meeting on health in the White House Roosevelt Room in Washington, DC on March 13, 2017. President Donald Trump said today that the proposed new health plan By Republicans will allow Americans to choose the doctors and coverage plans they prefer, and that health insurance costs will begin to fall 'in a year or two.' Chris Wick - CTN News

The Republican bill to reform the US health care system would lead to the loss of coverage for 14 million people by 2018, compared to current law, according to an expected report released Monday, March 13, by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) ).

By 2026, that gap would affect 24 million Americans, compared to the program known as “Obamacare.” The number of people without coverage would then amount to 52 million, compared to 28 million if President Barack Obama’s flagship law remained in force until that date.

The proposal and data is currently under discussion in Congress, would reduce federal aid to the health system and remove the universal obligation to have insurance, in order to further liberalize the market and increase competition.

It would have the effect of reducing the federal deficit in the next decade by 337 billion dollars, or 33.7 billion dollars per year, due to the reduction of public subsidies to health, conclude the CBO experts. By 2016 the deficit was about $ 590 billion.

The project was highly anticipated and backed by President Trump, faces opposition from the moderate wing and ultraconservative wing of the Republican Party.

Prior to next year’s legislative elections, some Republican lawmakers are concerned about too rapid a withdrawal from the federal state and the fact that millions of middle-class Americans may be without health insurance.

The CBO believes, in fact, that many Americans would choose themselves and they would no longer be fined as is now the case with “Obamacare.”


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