Photograph of March 13, 2017, by Resident Puerto Rican rapper during his participation in the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

Rapper believes that the president, Republican Donald Trump, is “an idiot” and that the people who voted him last November 8 are “racist.”

“Everyone knows (Trump) is an idiot,” said the artist, who also lamented that the United States is one of the most “racist” countries in the world, in an interview with Conspiracy Talk News in the framework of the South by Southwest festival (SXSW).

The singer, who is at the Austin (Texas) festival in the early days of the first documentary under his direction, said that one of the few positive things about the New York magnate’s election as president is that it is now “easier” to recognize the racist people.

“What Trump has helped is to identify the racists, you can see them with the hat (with the slogan ‘Make the US great again’),” said René Pérez Joglar, the singer’s real name.

However, he added that racism “has always existed” in the United States, so it does not entirely blame Trump.

For the rapper, with the country’s former president, Democrat Barack Obama, the society thought “everything was fine,” but “it’s actually the same country.”

The founder and singer of the laureate group supported the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who thanked him for the pressure he has exerted in favor of restructuring the public debt of Puerto Rico.

He also thinks “it is ridiculous” that today Puerto Rico still “remains a colony,” and insisted that the inhabitants of the Caribbean island are in an “uncomfortable and rare” situation.

In addition to the patriotic question, the singer stressed that at an economic level independence would also be good for his homeland, since he would be able to manage his own resources without the United States having the final say.

“Instead of the United States putting the price of things you put them to them. You tell them: what used to cost you twenty dollars now costs you 35, because China is offering me forty, “he explained.

The rapper regrets that Puerto Rico, currently under the status of associate free status, has no economic capacity and can not vote for its own president.

Today, more than 3.5 million Puerto Ricans are legally US citizens, but they can not vote in the presidential elections, unless they reside in one of the 50 states of the Union.

Resident believes that all artists in the world should take a political stance in their respective countries.

“If you are a true artist, it is not that you seek to be rebelioust, but that you are the reflection of what affects you and be 100% honest with your art,” he concluded.



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