MONTECITO, California, USA. Man anonymous man looking on the devastation . Terry Daniels - Conspiracy Talk News

CALIFORNIA (Conspiracy Talk News) – Most residents of the ravaged city of Montecito California were ordered to evacuate as the search for victims continues and crews worked to restore power, water and gas, as well as to clean up huge amounts of debris.

Even those who did not lose their homes in the disaster that killed at least 18 people were told on Friday they had to leave from the area for up to two weeks so they would not interfere with rescue and recovery operations.

It was another frustrating turn for those living in the southern California city that has been the subject of several evacuation orders in recent weeks, first by a huge forest fire last month and now by downpours and avalanches.

Cia Monroe said her family was “lucky” and that her “house was not ruined and that everyone was safe and sound”, even though her daughter lost one of her best friends.

However, Monroe said it was “stressful” that after evacuating three times during the forest fire they had to do it a fourth time and now face spending up to $3,000 per week in a hotel.

“Where are you going when you’re a family of four and you do not have a second home?” Monroe asked, noting that some residents of the city have up to three or four residences. “Financially speaking, it’s a problem.”

More than 1,200 workers had arrived in the city, which has a population of 9,000 residents, for search and cleaning work.

The presence of curious and concerned citizens who had walked in the mud on Thursday to see the devastation caused by the avalanches, was replaced by more firefighters wearing bright yellow raincoats and by gangs of workers with orange safety vests who worked with chainsaws and pneumatic hammers.

A backhoe removed mud and rocks around the demolished houses, while the bulldozers cleared the roads full of trees, mud and rocks. 

Tank trucks were used to transport the floodwaters of a highway that paralysed the coastal route that connects Santa Bárbara County with Ventura County.


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