ARCHIVE - Foto de Foto, May 26, 2010, right-wing activist James O'Leefe coming out of a federal court in New Orleans. O'Keefe announced his intention to release on Thursday, February 23, 2017 recordings that he says were secretly performed on the CNN cable channel.... CTN News Photo

Right-wing activist James O’Keefe announced Thursday his intention to release recordings he says were secretly performed on the CNN cable channel.

O’Keefe said in an interview with the news channel that the press is a “big target” for him and that it goes against CNN in particular because “it plays a very important role as a referee for the news.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused CNN of spreading “false news.”

A spokeswoman for the channel did not immediately respond to requests for statements about O’Keefe’s announcement.

O’Keefe made his name in 2009 by posing as a pimp in a video to get the group of ACORN community organizations in trouble. Other targets of his attacks include National Public Radio and Planned Parenthood.

In some occasions the shot has gone out of the way. In 2010 he was arrested and pleaded guilty to entering the office of a Louisiana senator on a false pretext.


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