Ritual for Love and Friendship image by Barry Lewis

A simple ritual that will allow you to recover the love one has lost or take care of the one they now have. 

What do you need? Mainly a red candle so you can write on it your full name, add your date of birth. At the end, also write the word love three times. 

The candle should be placed in the centre of a dish lined with aluminium foil. 

This should be sprinkled with your personal perfume; around the candle place petals of a white rose, cover them with cinnamon, and also a little honey. 

If you have perfume of ‘patchouli’ bathe all these elements with it, if it does not have any, then you can then use your perfume. 

Before lighting the candle, place a picture of yourself and on the back of it write your full name, date of birth and the word love, three times. 

The photo should be placed in the centre of a white paper, so you can fold it and put it under a glass of water that should be next to the plate with the red candle.

With all these steps completed you light the candle with a wooden match, and leave it at least seven hours on. When this time ends, you turn it off and take everything else on the plate and boil it in three liters of water. 

When it is at its boiling point, you turn it off and strain all the contents so that you can use the water to soak your body in a bath. 

It is preferable that you take the bath around 9 or 10 o’clock at night, Then you can go to sleep.

In 21 days, the spell will take effect, and love will knock on your door. 


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