Terrion Pouncy accidentally shot himself in the genitals while trying to pull off a raid on a hot-dog stand.

The amateur robber was fumbling with the loaded weapon as he attempted to swipe cash from the hot-dog stand salesman or vendor, but the raid went all wrong as his gun went off, and his genitals fell victim to that unfortunate ordeal.

Reports say that the man was allegedly holding up the hot dog stand in the South Side of Leighton county. The incident happened Tuesday, 31st October 2017 and the teenager was rushed to Christ Hospital. The teenager faces two charges of armed robbery for which he will be charged after he recovers.

Terrion was found outside the Maxwell Street Express restaurant. The local police reported that he had attempted to steal from the restaurant using a 38 caliber handgun and fired the gun mistakenly.

Judge Stephanie Miller at Leighton Criminal Courthouse ordered that Mr. Terrion be held without bail as he continued his recovery in hospital. The teenager was unable to escape because he could not run due to the self-inflicted pain.

Reports say that “he was trying to adjust the position of the gun in his waistband when it fired.”

He pulled out the gun and started demanding money from two of the employees at the Hot Dog Stand. He pointed the gun at the head of one of the workers,” remarked Erin Antonietti, a county state attorney. “The workers gave him their wallets and a few dollar bills they were able to gather and on his way out, he stooped to pick up some of the money that had fallen to the floor and reached for his waistband, he apparently pulled the trigger, firing a bullet that struck him in the genitals,” added Antonietti.

Following the gunshots, a fight ensued, but Pouncy could only make it to the adjacent street before collapsing.


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