US President Donald J. Trump greets on his arrival on the southern side of the White House after descending from Marine One on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 in Washington, DC. MICHAEL REYNOLDS EFE

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., the son of US senator as well as presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, killed in 1968, ruled Thursday that a process of recall or impeachment against President Donald Trump shouldn’t be permitted, due to the formidable support of the Republican electorate.

Kennedy Jr., an attorney and environmental activist, spelled out at a conference in Seville that despite the fact that Trump “does not like” many Republican leaders “who think he’s downgraded politics,” voters in this party “worship him” .

“They are not going to make a recall as their electoral base supports them and Republicans can not lose that electorate,” added the nephew of the assassinated US president. John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In his view, pressure on former FBI director James Comey to relax his investigation on Russia “may be technically irregular, but not lawfully illegal.”

“Although these facts ended up true, they aren’t a criminal offense of obstruction to the Justice because there is no open judicial procedure nor parliamentary appearances in march,” he was quoted saying.

For Kennedy Jr. “it’s likely to be very difficult to get Trump taken out of the presidency because” they’ll have to catch him doing some thing very bad. ”

This advocate of green energies denounced the millionaire support with the large oil and mining consortiums to Trump, specifically that of the Koch brothers, owners of petroleum assets worth billions of dollars, and the man joked that “they have not paid Millions towards the Trump campaign for a patriotic or humanitarian drive. ”

He said that the US president could merely fulfill his promise to lower taxes “repel” the public health system known as “Obamacare” and declared all United states multinationals, except two mining groups, want the US to comply with the Paris Legal agreements on climate change.


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