Robots don’t ask for coffee breaks nor collect workman’s compensation or take sick days say Corporations

 The American economy is heading towards a critical direction that demands immediate attention, to survive direct hits from the use of robots in the labor market. Putting more of this country’s workforce out of work could plunge the entire economical system.

Even if the president of the Federal Reserve and Wall Street’s boost the current economy by injecting more money into the printing presses, the labor market will continue to remain in a negative downward slide . Latest research and review of more then 5,000 American professionals has been conducted by the Pew Research Center, discovering that more than half believe there will be less professional stability throughout the next 20 to 30 years, yet 71 percent of them envision Robots as a major negative to human employments.

We understand growth and expansion for manufacturing and development industries and that the Corporations need to stay aware of occupation related advancements, especially as more robots are utilized as a part of the working environment. The concerns are that these Robots will take away the ability for humans to make a paycheck.

In fact, many companies have already started implementing robotics, conspiracy theorists say this is obviously geared at crippling the labor market. Zume Pizza in California reduced its labor cost by replacing human chefs with robots. Uber uses self-driving cars in some states in America and Robots are also penetrating into the banking systems. Royal Bank of Scotland disclosed its vision of the future, with a robot that can attend to customers 24 hours in a day.

All these “efforts are geared at cutting costs and expenses” says management, but to be candid it has affected 6% of the U.S. labor market thus far and is expanding at a expeditious pace.

Remember the Clint Eastwood Move? “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. I wonder which we will be in the not so distant Future.


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