Roy Moore

A twist in the tale happened when the Alabama Elections results were announced late Tuesday night. Former Chief Judge Roy Moore defeated opponent Luther Strange and caused a huge blow to GOP establishment and President Donald Trump.

Despite widespread campaign and support from the President himself, Strange couldn’t win the GOP nominee elections in the Yellowhammer state. Moore won a comfortable victory in Alabama due to the majority of Christians in the state.

According to pew forum, 86% of Alabama Residents are Christians. Moore enjoyed the following of Christian base that confirmed this miraculous win over Sen. Luther Strange.

Trump Realised His Mistake Even Before the Election Results

When Former Sen. Jeff Sessions became Attorney General to Trump Administration, Luther Strange took the vacated seat. Trump’s decision to support Strange was condemned even by his allies and White House advisors. The advisors suggested Trump way before that it was a wrong move.

Trump himself acknowledged “his mistake” while rallying for Strange in Huntsville on Friday.

“I might have made a mistake. They’re going to say, ‘Donald Trump, the president of the United States, was unable to pull his candidate across the line. It is a terrible, terrible moment for Trump. This is total embarrassment.’” – Trump said to the crowd.

All said and done, Moore has had his share of rejection in the good old days as well.

Moore And His Firm Religious Beliefs


Moore has always displayed his firm belief in Christianity. His faith in Christianity has affected his career more than once in the past.

In 2003, Moore was suspended as a Judge when he defied Supreme Court orders to remove the 5200-pound statue of the Ten Commandments from the State Judicial Building.

Again, he failed twice in gubernatorial bids.

Finally, in 2013 he was elected to a six-year term as Chief Justice in Alabama Supreme Court. However, he was again voted out in 2016 when he refused to obey the same-sex marriage rule. Moore’s opinions of homosexuality baffled the panel.

He compared homosexuality to bestiality and stated it was an inherent evil from which their children must be protected.

After his victory was declared on Tuesday, Moore retweeted the picture of the 5200-pound statue of ten commandments brought to his victory party. He declared how deeply he cared about Christianity and the ten commandments.

Following his victory speech, he said how he supports the President and his cause in making America great again.

Heavy tweets supporting Strange appeared to have been deleted since the announcement on Tuesday. President Trump also offered his congratulations and good wishes to the winner Judge Roy Moore.

“Congratulations to Roy Moore on his Republican Primary win in Alabama. Luther Strange started way back & ran a good race. Roy, WIN in Dec!”


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