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ONTARIO – Cannabis activist Marc Emery claims that in case Ontario Progressive Conservative head Doug Ford wants to privatise the province’s soon-to-be-legal weed industry, he will definitely line up behind him and  assist the PCs to win the upcoming Ontario political election.

” I would love to give him money. I would run as a candidate. I would support him, endorse him, all those things– if he abandoned the idea of government retail shops,” the man said to iPolitics.

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Marijuana activist Marc Emery

” To me, that’s the offensive step in the door that can’t be undone. The idea of government directly marketing to people after putting all their competition in jail, arresting them. It’s just too repugnant for me to ever accept.”

Mr. Emery pointed out “the level for loyalty will depend upon just how free this enterprise is”, this individual stated, however Ford is thus far “speaking the right politics.”

The Ontario Liberals intend to have marijuana transactions or sales by using only the government’s Ontario Marijuana Outlets, overseen through the Liquor Control Board for Ontario, a crown institution which markets booze throughout the province. ” Once those government stores are open … it’s going to be hard to repeal them, or repeal the LCBO’s control over the cannabis industry in Ontario,” Emery said. “It’ll be hard to undo.”

Ford implied within a press conference Tuesday that he may be ready fto allow private cannabis stores in Ontario, soon after the Government decriminalize recreational weed.

During a Broadcast in Ottawa, Ford proposed to open up the weed industry to private ownership.

” I’ve always been open to a fair market. I let the market dictate. I don’t like the government controlling anything,” he expressed.

The moment the host pushed if this implies he will privatize marijuana shops in the event that he ends up being premier, Ford stated he still needs to speak about marijuana legalisation together with his assembly first.

” Well, let’s take a look at it. We’re going to come up with a pretty good policy on that and we’ll see,” Ford claimed.

” I’m open to a free market. I’m going to consult with our caucus and we’ll be able to come up with a very strong game plan.”

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne hammered Ford over the remarks Wednesday.
She pointed out that this “would be a recklessness to doing what Doug Ford is suggesting,” and also parent or guardians do not wish “cannabis sold next to candy bars in corner stores.” Ontario Public Service Personnel Union head Warren Thomas likewise defined the remarks as “reckless” and also shielded the LCBO.

However Emery expressed Wynne’s plan is literally almost “communist,” and if the PC choose a free-market technique, the weed society will most likely rally behind PC leader Doug Ford.

” There’s the usual left-wing contingent involved in the pot movement, but self-interest is a very strong motivation for a population seeing our industry being completely stifled by the Liberals,” he pointed out.

Within previous year’s federal government Conservative leadership competition, Emery had actually promoted as well as contributed to Maxime Bernier’s ad campaign.

Bernier had operated on a liberal program and also at some level recommended the sanctioning of weed, even though he mostly avoided discussing this in the course of the race.

Emery said that the moment Bill C-45 was being examined through a House of Commons board, that Bernier would certainly have “come up with a far better bill” in the event that the man was prime minister– a “market solution” which would definitely “get rid of all this government in the way.”


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