Some people walk where an explosion happened in a supermarket in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Dmitri Lovetsky AP Photo

MOSCOW (Conspiracy Talk News) – A man was arrested on Saturday in connection with a bomb attack in a supermarket in St. Petersburg that injured 18 people, the Russian internal security agency reported.

So far we know of 8 people that still remain hospitalized after a device exploded Wednesday in a storage area for customers’ bags. The investigators said the |homemade device contained 200 grams (7 ounces) of explosives and was equipped with shrapnel to cause more damage”.

The Federal Security Service, or known as FSB, did not identify the suspect or provide any details about the motives. The agency said in a statement broadcast by Russian news agencies ,that “the suspect organized and carried out the attack on his own”.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the explosion, but a member of the security committee in the lower house of the Russian parliament cast doubt on the claim, saying it could have been an attempt by the extremist group to obtain publicity. More to follow.



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