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Western policy, which requires the Balkan countries to choose between the West and Russia, is detrimental.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his visit to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

At a joint press conference with Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavc, he said that such a Western approach “had fueled the crisis in Ukraine”, where he said in 2014 a coup was taking place.

“Now they want to attract the Balkans into a similar game, forcing them to choose whether it is with the West or Russia,” said the chief of Russian diplomacy.

Lavrov will also visit Serbia, a candidate for membership in the European Union, but maintains strong ties with Russia, mainly because of Moscow’s attitude towards Kosovo’s independence.

Serbia has refused to join sanctions against Russia over actions in Ukraine.

Political developments in Southeast Europe over the last year sparked growing concerns about the region’s instability and Russia’s intervention, which does not look good at the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Balkan countries.

The United States has expressed concern in several cases, even for an emergency center that Russia manages in the city of Nis, South Serbia. Some Western groups and military analysts see it as a camouflaged military base that the Kremlin has set up to oversee US interests in the Balkans.

Article contributed by :Spiro Veneti


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