Russia seeks to decriminalize domestic violence, the first offence, provided it is only once a year.

Term “domestic violence” which is widely used in USA does not even ist in  any Russian law.

The measure was driven by ultra-convergent legislator Yelena Mizulina and has clashed head-on with hundreds of protests and criticism from Russian feminist groups. However, from Parliament, they declare that: “This is a historic vote because, in certain countries, the role of the State in family life is excessive. Today’s vote will put an end to such practices in the Russian Federation. ”

“If the father spanks his child for a good reason as a means of education, a traditional Russian one, he will be sentenced to two years in prison — and if a neighbour does this, he will get away with a fine!” CTN News was told.

The bill has already been approved by the Lower House of Parliament and now has to be submitted to another vote in the House, to then go to the Council of the Federation.

Those who support the law argue that the abuser be not protected, but the right of parents to establish discipline in their home should be, and cases of violence that result in serious injury will be punished by law. This is against a Russia that has every year, 14,000 deaths due to gender or domestic violence.




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